We're essential to you, and we're open for your health.
As always, our focus at McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy is on your health and well-being. In this time of concern, please be assured that our small office remains a safe space for all and that we plan to remain open for business as usual.

 We’ve increased our emphasis on existing cleaning and sanitation procedures and will continue to implement preventative measures to ensure your health and safety.

Please reschedule your appointment as soon as you can if you are not feeling well or feel you are putting yourself or others at risk.

If you are older, please use your best judgment whether you should continue with your physical rehab at this time. I believe it is wise for those with advanced age to stay home. In lieu of in person treatments, we can schedule a time to talk about what else you should be doing at home, so you can continue to progress.

Thank you for your faith in our office to help you achieve your goals.

Chris McKenzie
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Dave Amaro on Recruting: The Sliding Home Podcast

Dave Amaro on Recruting: The Sliding Home Podcast

Episode #13:  Listen on iTunes, and Stitcher Radio!

If you’re in the Philadelphia area, you’ve likely heard the last name Amaro. Dave’s bother Ruben, as of this post, is the GM of the Philadelphia Phillies. Dave Amaro runs an extremely successful baseball organization known at the Philadelphia Bandits Baseball Club. Success comes in many forms, and what the Bandits are Dave are most known for is producing top caliber student-athletes. Not just students of the game, but students in the classroom, and life in general.  Baseball scholarships do not come in the form of “full athletic rides,” but Dave’s Bandits club has saved parents thousands of dollars each year by prepping players to become the most well rounded student-athletes they can be, many times over resulting in academic scholarships. In this episode, we get into that and:

  • How important academics are in the recruiting process
  • What happens to your chances if you have less-than stellar grades in school
  • Showcases: To attend or not attend?
  • What showcases should you and attend and why
  • The difference between a showcase player and a real baseball player
  • What you can do as a player OR Coach to get noticed or get your kids noticed.
  • When the top recruiting season is Spring vs Summer or Fall?
  • What NOT to do when contacting a college/university yourself
  • Choosing a school that fits YOU
  • And much, much more!

What other questions do you have regarding college baseball recruiting? Leave me and Dave a comment below?