We're essential to you, and we're open for your health.
As always, our focus at McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy is on your health and well-being. In this time of concern, please be assured that our small office remains a safe space for all and that we plan to remain open for business as usual.

 We’ve increased our emphasis on existing cleaning and sanitation procedures and will continue to implement preventative measures to ensure your health and safety.

Please reschedule your appointment as soon as you can if you are not feeling well or feel you are putting yourself or others at risk.

If you are older, please use your best judgment whether you should continue with your physical rehab at this time. I believe it is wise for those with advanced age to stay home. In lieu of in person treatments, we can schedule a time to talk about what else you should be doing at home, so you can continue to progress.

Thank you for your faith in our office to help you achieve your goals.

Chris McKenzie
(267) 332-8102
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Driveline Baseball with Kyle Boddy

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