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Our Mission:

To help Philadelphians move better, feel better and perform better no matter the task. To catch sports injuries before they happen to avoid their negative consequences.

Our Vision:

By 2022, McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy is the most sought after physical therapy clinic in Philadelphia for sports and orthopedic injuries, and injury prevention services. We are the fastest growing medical company in Philadelphia, and we receive lots of press each month, furthering our mission. Our employees and support staff are some of the most compassionate, sharp, and hard working individuals in the city. Our employees and referral sources are treated like family.  McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy has an online branch of the business which sells niche performance enhancement and educational products; this draws us patients, athletes, and other medical professionals traveling from around the country due to our depth and quality of information.

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A short message from Dr. Chris McKenzie, founder, McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy:

Hi, I’m Chris McKenzie of McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy. As a prior athlete, I know what it feels like to have shitty care. Therefore we help athletes get back to playing, and get out of pain, FAST, through a detailed examination process, hands-on treatment/manual therapy and close supervision of exercise. I’ve been a sports physical therapist for 10+ years, was an adjunct professor for Drexel University and have helped 1000s of athletes achieve their full potential who are now playing in elite college programs, with professional teams, and for the US Olympic team. We can help you.

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