Angled Hitting: How To Bridge The Gap and Hit for REAL Power with Dan Hennigan

Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.   Dan’s stuff works. Period. It was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the time I was slated to meet Dan Hennigan for the first time.  I was treating patients in my office and this kid walked in, following Chris Kurtz (our strength coach and co-owner at CK Performance). Chris […]

Alan Jaeger Mental Skills Training

Subscribe on iTunes, and Stitcher. Part 2: Getting in the zone–Mental Skills Training for Enhanced Baseball Performance Looking for the Long Toss and Arm Care episode? Click Here! This is a tremendous episode with Alan Jaeger. Alan discusses the importance of developing your process and getting into the zone. This is a longer episode, as […]

Alan Jaeger: Long Toss and Arm Care for the Baseball Player

Subscribe on iTunes, and Stitcher Part 1: Long Toss and Arm Care Looking for the mental and mind set episode?   Listen Here! This was an amazing episode to be a part of!  I respect Alan Jaeger and what he is doing for the baseball community.  He is trying to change it for the better, and […]