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There are lots of problems that can occur at the back and core. I only outline a few below. If you have a question about a particular problem, please call us 267-332-8102. We are Philadelphia’s premier physical therapy clinic to answer your orthopedic and sports questions.

Definition of Sciatica and Why It’s a Junk Term: Sciatica means pain down the back of the leg, in the distribution of the sciatic nerve. There are many reasons why you may get “Sciatica” (see below). The trick is understanding & treating the underlying cause.

So, if you have failed chiropractic treatment, other physical therapy and medications & injections aren’t working, please view the videos below (approximately 3 minutes each). At McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy, we get to the root cause of your pain and can offer laser focused treatment to get your life back.

Most Common Types of Low Back Pain:

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#1 Type of Low Back Pain: Herniated Discs

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* Usually hits around 35 years old (becoming more sedentary, does a lot of driving).
* Can trace a line of pain/numbness down the leg.
* Worse with bending forward, sitting, standing up, coughing/sneezing.
* Better with walking.
* Treatment: Extension based treatment, specific leg muscle stretching, nerve glides,  specific leg muscle strengthening, deep core strengthening, possible lumbar traction

#2 Type of Low Back Pain: Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, OsteoArthritis

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* Affects people age 50+
* Loss of Disc height as we age brings low back joints closer—> which increases bone growth in the hole the nerve comes out—> compressing the nerve.
* Pain and stiffness are worse in the morning, better as the day goes on or after a hot shower.
* Low back or Leg Pain is worse with prolonged standing and walking (you need to take frequent breaks).
* Better with sitting and bending forward.
* Treatment: Flexion based spinal program, specific leg muscle stretching, deep core strengthening

#3 Type of Low Back Pain: Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

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* The “active persons” back pain.
* Pain worse with standing on 1 leg, going up/dn stairs, getting into or out of a car, rolling over in bed.
* Low back pain, pain can radiate into the buttock but does not travel below the knee.
* Can occur during or after a recent pregnancy
* Treatment: daily manual and self pelvis mobilizations, specific leg muscle strengthening, specific leg muscle stretching, and deep core strengthening.

#4 Type of Low Back Pain: Muscle Strain

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* Affects the muscle to the Left and Right of your center spine.
* Improves quickly with the right treatment.
* Treatment: Knees to chest, and lower trunk rotation. Core muscle stretching, then deep core strengthening.

#4 Type of Low Back Pain: Muscle Strain

#5 Type of Low Back Pain: Low Back Instability

* Affects the adolescent thru collegiate athlete.
* Worse with no movement/being stationary.
* Better when moving. Often no pain until begins to rest again.
* Usually pain is isolated to the low back but is common to feel pain into the leg.

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